Boomtown Ave Maria: 1 new home closing every 2 days for the past 227 days (119 new home closings)

Good news for Ave Maria! We are a boomtown! Thanks neighbor Robb Klucik for this great post!

Ave Maria

sky view of ave maria Aerial view of the town of Ave Maria, Florida, taken in 2014

If you don’t have any new neighbors today, just be patient and you’ll have some by tomorrow. Every 1.9 days there is a closing on a new home in Ave Maria, Florida. That’s more than 15 closings every month. Those are very impressive numbers, and that figure doesn’t include the many re-sales of existing homes in Ave Maria.

It’s been less than seven months since Maple Ridge builder CC Ave Maria closed its first new home sale in Ave Maria, and already they have sold 72 homes. If the pace of construction visible to anyone who visits Maple Ridge is any indicator, homes will continue to close at the rate of over 10 each month in Maple Ridge alone. The average closing price for those 72 sold homes has been just shy of $308,000.

During the period April 1 to November 13, 2014, there were 38 new home closings in Del Webb at Ave Maria…

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