New Fitness center opens in the Town Center

All of Ave Maria is a buzz with the new Fitness center opening!It seems so BIG! That’s because it’s a 5,000 square-foot facility with free weights, eliptical machines, treadmills, and even a dance/class studio.(We are all asking what classes could we have? Zumba? Yoga? Crossfit? Pilates? Maybe them all!) It will serve the residents and tenants who live in LaPiazza, Hampton Village, Emerson Park, Maple Ridge, and Middlebrooke. It has both mens’ and womens’ restrooms with one shower in each. There will be a Grand Opening on Saturday, May 10th which happens to be the same day as Ave Maria University’s Commencement. For more info on AMU graduation events click here

Read more about the new fitness center in the story here:

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