More Maple Ridge News: Coquina and Phase 3

July 18

Update for Coquina at Maple Ridge:
The link below shows some of the floorplans that will be built in Coquina.

same models

Additional Maple Ridge Development

Barron Collier executive David Genson briefed the board on two expansions of the Maple Ridge development – a new neighborhood of smaller, lower-cost, higher-density single-family homes called Coquina at Maple Ridge and Phase Three of the main development. Both required the board’s approval, which was granted, for changes relating to how some property is currently configured.

Coquina at Maple Ridge would build 263 houses on 45 acres currently planned for either expansion of the Middlebrooke townhome neighborhood, which would not proceed, or part of the Park of Commerce. The land is currently owned by Ave Maria Development and would be acquired by CC Ave Maria, the joint venture of Barron Collier Cos. and CC Devco, Mr. Genson said. A total of 48 Middlebrooke units were built, out of a planned 320.

The Coquina development would abut Phase Three of Maple Ridge, which is planned for 211 homes, about 36 percent larger than the combined total for Phases One and Two.

Mr. Genson said that the developers plan to begin work on Phase Three of Maple Ridge this summer, and to receive all necessary approvals for Coquina by the fall with the hope of having homes available in early 2015.